Great Bonsai Reads

Are you interested in learning more about bonsai? If you are, then here are some great books to get started with. These titles are sure to give you more understanding about this craft.

Bonsai: 101 Essential Tips by Harry Tomlinson and Carol Watson

Bonsai 101 is a book for beginners and intermediate level people. This book will be your gateway book to the art of bonsai. The book teaches you the most basic information you need to know in taking care of your bonsai trees or shrubs. It is not just a matter of how but also a big answer to why to do these techniques.

In this book, you’ll also gain a better understanding of what a bonsai is which somehow still confuses millions of people today.

The World of Bonsai by Paul Lesiewicz

The World of Bonsai is on a whole different level compared to the first book on this list. The World of Bonsai tackles a more advanced level of bonsai cultivation. Here, you’ll learn more about the different aesthetic factors of different types of bonsai.

You’ll also learn how to figure out the monetary value of a particular bonsai just by looking at its design and support structure.

This book is perfect for people looking to engage in bonsai design and cultivation competitions.

Bonsai Techniques 1 by John Naka

John Yoshio Naka was a master bonsai cultivator with several awards and honours to prove it. Naka elevated the art of bonsai as we know it today. In his book, “Bonsai Techniques 1,” he shared most of his knowledge about bonsai cultivation.

This book is more than just a guide. It tells the story of one of the greatest bonsai artisans to ever live.