Active Bonsai Clubs in the UK to Join

Believe it or not, there are dozens of bonsai clubs to join here in the UK. Some are big while others not so big. However, all of them are passionate in encouraging other people to become bonsai cultivators as well. So, without further ado, here are some of the top bonsai clubs you should consider joining.

Ashfield Bonsai Club

The Ashfield Bonsai Club is one of the most proactive clubs there is. They are dedicated into attracting new members to join in in order to inspire more people to get engaged in bonsai. The club’s main office is located at South Normanton but is active all throughout England.

Club members meet twice a month. If you are nowhere near their office, then you can join them via video conferencing. Ashfield was founded back in 1993 and has been one of the most active clubs ever since.

When we say active, we mean active in terms of competitions, events, and engagement with other cultivators across the UK. Ashfield is also behind of some of the top bonsai events and even weekend workshops with recognised bonsai personalities.

They also invite two speakers with international fame to talk to everyone interested in bonsai.

The competitions they stage are also exciting. One of their most recent was the first ever Annual Baby Spruce Competition in December 2019. The entries were truly amazing with most of the winners incorporating bonsai positioning to win.

Ashfield is active in finding new members so if you are interested, go give them a call.

Bonsai Kai

Bonsai Kai has a few offices across London. They are also not just a club but a full-on society, focused on bonsai. In fact, Bonsai Kai is known as the oldest bonsai club in Europe as it was formed back in 1961.

Bonsai Kai was actually inspired by the Japan Society, but it has always been an independent organization.

Joining Bonsai Kai means expanding your knowledge and skills in bonsai cultivation. The society is keen and effective in educating people all about it, no matter their age. That’s right, even young children are welcome to this club.

Here you can learn the basics including repotting, watering, accent plants, summer leaf cutting, and bonsai design. You won’t find a club like this one. As a great bonus, they also stage bonsai exhibitions across London.

They feature some of the best bonsai designs of their members. It is always a delight to attend one of their bonsai exhibitions. There is a fee by the way to join the club, but don’t worry, it is very cheap and will surely be more than worth it.

Both of these clubs are also active in encouraging and educating people all about the art of bonsai. To learn more about them subscribe to our blog today or contact us.