About Us

Dragon Bonsai is an exemplary and standout blog in the era of vlogging. Everything started back in 2015 when Jodie Lord, bought her first-ever bonsai. Bonsai, by the way, is a form of art established in East Asia wherein people grow ornamental small or dwarfed trees or shrubs in a container or surface.

Lord was not interested in the art of bonsai back then until she took care of her own. The bonsai she bought back in 2015 ignited something in her that would become one of the biggest blog ideas in UK history.

Founding the blog

In mid-2015, Lord learned to love and take care of her bonsai. She learned several tricks and techniques in doing so. She then wanted to share everything she knows to people who have the same interest. That is what prompted her to create a blog and populate it with content relevant to the art of bonsai.

3 years later, Dragon Bonsai is now one of the top-rated blogs in the UK with more than 300,000 readers. Lord then partnered with several groups and clubs promoting the art of bonsai to people in the UK.

Dragon Bonsai is more than just a blog about plants, it is an educational platform where people can learn a lot about bonsai growing, bonsai designs, and environmental preservation. To learn more, subscribe to the blog today.